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Scottish Landscape Photography Through The Seasons

Scotland... It's an amazing and beautiful country, with stunning scenery from sea to summit. With over 2400 miles of wild and unspoiled coastline, rising from sea level to the summits of Scotland's mountains, there is a wealth of dramatic scenery and landscapes explore..

Hills, lochs, sea and forest make up so much of Scotland's landscape. But that's not the full story. The images on this page attempt to broaden the picture a little.

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Superb winter light at Loch Glascarnoch

11th February 2021

A frozen Loch Glascarnoch and winter hills in full snow cover - a rare combination of perfect conditions, no wind and good light!

Frozen Loch Glascarnoch

An aerial panorama looking westwards towards Am Faochagach, with An Teallach in the far distance.

View the high resolution panorama

Am Faochagach

Viewed from above Loch Glascarnoch, Am Faochagach takes centre stage, with Cona Mheall and Beinn Dearg to the left. Zoom in to see distant An Teallach and the far western end of the Fannichs.

The remains of the original road which ran through Glen Glascarnoch, before the loch was created, can be seen from the aerial viewpoint.

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Glascarnoch Dam

Frozen Loch Glascarnoch


Aerial views across Glascarnoch Dam

A 180° panorama across Loch Glascarnoch

The views towards Cona Mheall and Beinn Dearg.

Hovering above the frozen loch, Beinn Dearg and Cona Mheall sit in the far distance. The south ridge up to Cona Mheall provides an alternative ascent to the summit and provides airy views to Choire Ghranda far below.

View the high resolution panorama

An aerial panorama, low over the frozen surface of Loch Glascarnoch.

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The low level aerial vista across Loch Glascarnoch.

View the high resolution panorama

This full 180° panorama takes in the old road on both sides of the photograph and provides some idea of the scale of this huge, man made loch. Opened in 1957, the dam and reservoir were created by the then North of Scotland Hydro Electric Board as part of the Conon Valley Hydro Electric Scheme. This scheme was one of many similar developments to bring power to remote north highland communities.

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Living Landscapes

12th November 2020

Mid November and a chilly day on Dava Moor... I'd been capturing a series of 360° panoramas and, on the last sequence of the day, was aware of muirburn not far away.

Packing up my camera and walking back to the car, I met up with the keeper attending the fire and we started an interesting conversation about photography. It's not often you get the chance to photograph the landscape in action and Peter kindly allowed me to photograph him working at the fire.

I enjoy working with wide angle lenses, the sky was looking extremely dramatic and there was a great contrast with the light, so I chose to capture these shots using an ultra wide angle lens.

My thanks to Peter and the sequence below shows a controlled muirburn, normally carried out between the start of October and mid April in Scotland, primarily to ensure that there is no harm to nesting birds. Traditionally, muirburn provides fresh growth of heather through a mosaic of heather patches of differing ages and the aim is often to provide grouse with short fresh growth and longer heather nearby in which to shelter.

To ensure that the muirburn is controlled, the Argocat has a tank of water and a hose reel to allow for damping down of the edges of the fire.

Muirburn is normally burned against the wind to ensure that the face of fire doesn't become out of control. This is termed "backburning" with the fire having to burn against the prevailing wind. This produces a slower moving and more controllable fire..

Peter lighting the fire with a gas flame against the wind.

Whilst the fire is burning well, the face of fire is small and controlled. It's also burning back into a previously burned section as part of the control process.

Studies in Black and White - Carnmore

11th February 2007

A February cycle into Carnmore in Fisherfield with the reward of contrasting light and the textures of snow and rock, high on the crags of Ben Lair, A'Mhaighdean and Ruadh Stac Mor.

The crags of Ben Lair

Carnan Ban, Ruadh Stac Mor and the ridge leading up to A' Mhaighdean

Autumn Light

August and September 2006

Harvest scenes and Autumn Light across Easter Ross

Awaiting harvest

Culbokie harvest time

Rainbow across Tarbat Ness

West Coast Viewpoints

June 2006

Three west coast classic viewpoints

Braemore Viewpoint

Connel Bridge

Beinn a' Bheithir from Onich

Fields and Allotments

May and June 2006

From the vibrancy of oil seed rape to the allotments of Edinburgh

Oil Seed Rape

Edinburgh Allotments

Images from Spring 2006

March and April 2006

A few of my favourite images from the early spring time...

Snowy landscape

Loch Ossian

The Five Sisters of Kintail

Strome Ferry

Strome Ferry

Strome Ferry

Slioch and the River Grudie

October 2005

Autumn light and late afternoon sun at Grudie on the shores of Loch Maree late summer evening with full sun on the hills above Ballachulish, with time to stop and to enjoy...

River Grudie and Slioch

River Grudie and Slioch

River Grudie and Slioch


July 2005

A late summer evening with full sun on the hills above Ballachulish, with time to stop and to enjoy...

Beinn a' Bheithir from Onich

Beinn a' Bheithir from Onich

Ballachulish Bridge

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