Mountain Phototours

Scotland360° High Mountain Phototours

“Whatever happens in front of the lens stays. What’s captured during the encounter is all that exists.”

Gregory Heisler

Scotland360° High Mountain Phototours provide unique opportunities for landscape photography tuition in some of the most scenic and evocative mountain scenery in the Scottish Highlands.

Journey in the mountains with time to develop your photography techniques as we take advantage of the views, the light and the settings.

Capture spectacular mountain vistas and perspectives utilising the constantly changing natural light and shadow of the mountain environment. Explore creative photography in the high summits and ridges.

Mountain photography days are available in many locations throughout Scotland, all with their own unique attractions.

The Cairngorm mountains offer some of the highest plateaus and summits in the UK, with long distance views, scenic perspectives and vast expanses of sky and summits. In contrast, the hills of Assynt in the north west of Scotland offer amazing west coast light, coastal views from the summits and the sculpted architecture of the mountains, cast from some of the most ancient geology in the world. Meanwhile the Fannich mountains in Easter Ross and the majestic hills of Kintail provide magnificent ridge walks and panoramic views to the surrounding mountain ranges.

Glencoe is a hillwalking paradise with views to surrounding hills and beyond. Within easy reach of Edinburgh and Glasgow, this is a location rich in photographic opportunities.

I'm a qualified and experienced Mountain Leader with many years of experience in the mountains. I'm available for photography guiding in most mountain areas in Scotland, so if you're looking for somewhere different, let me know and we can plan some possibilities.

Scotland360° Mountain Phototours normally run from April to October so that we make best use of the longer days and better weather. From the grandeur of Glencoe to the remoteness of Wester Ross to the vast ranges of the Cairngorms, we are spoiled for choice in the Scottish mountains. Mot only do we have stunning locations but my High Mountain Phototours will make the most of the magical mountain light. As we plan your day in the mountains, I can plan plan flexibility into the route and the timings to allow for the best use of weather, light and location.

Please contact me to arrange a date and a location and to plan your mountain photography day.

My prices range from £250 for One to One days in the mountains to £350 for groups of 2 to 4 people. All prices include my photography tuition and services as a mountain leader:

To make your booking or for more information, please call: 07780 787034 or email:
mountain ridges, highlands, Scotland

Further Information

Booking is very straightforward using the Booking Form below:

Please come prepared for an enjoyable day on the mountains. At the time of booking I will advise on...

  • Meeting points
  • Any essential / advisable equipment
  • Route and suggested timings for the day
  • Potential subjects and topics for photography

Why Choose Scotland360°

Angus has a broad and extensive knowledge of the Highlands and specialises in landscape and panoramic photography both on land and sea, with considerable expertise in this field. Preferring a wider scale landscape format for the presentation of his photographs, he is always looking for new locations and fresh perspectives for his photography; using natural light at spectacular locations is one of the key factors of his photography.

Angus has a wide ranging portfolio of clients and commissions ranging from the BBC to custom courses for sea kayak photography.

And to finish... A selection of images featuring some of the beautiful, scenic locations here in the Highlands which we offer for our workshops.

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