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Trees and Woodlands

As a forester, I enjoy trees providing for a sense of place within both the natural and the man made environment. From young seedlings to mature specimens, trees add shape and colour to our landscapes, framing views and connecting us with the landscape.

The photographs in this Collection attempt to portray the many different moods....

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Woodland Images

Woodland Backlighting...

February 2021

Low sunlight and snow covered trees in the local woods.

Sun, silhouettes and shadows

7th November 2020

A weekend away in Gairloch and an opportunity for a day out in the hills. Meall a' Ghiuthais on the south side of Loch Maree was a new hill for me which is always a delight. The path starts and returns by the Beinn Eighe Mountain Trail and the setting is wonderful. Long distance views to the surrounding hills are covered elsewhere - but this page is about trees....

Loch Maree is one of the strongholds for Caledonian pinewoods and native Scots pine. Ancient, wide crowned and often singular, the Caledonian pines are iconic in the Scottish landscape.

Heading down from the hill and following the Mountain Trail in the fading afternoon light, the silhouettes against the setting sunlight on Slioch, just had to be photographed....

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Springtime Growth

13th May 2006

There are some beautiful woodlands around Inverness and this small patch of Beech woodland near Kiltarlity was a real find for Spring. Fresh, soft green leaves, seedlings starting to grow, all topped off with a mossy wall and extremely usable light, this is definitely a spot to revisit sometime.

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Fresh springtime beech leaves

Dappled shade

Spring growth

New growth

Beech seedling

Sunlight and shadow

Mossy wall

Autumn Colours

October 2005

Autumn colours at Randolph's Leap on the banks of the River Findhorn. According to legend, Thomas Randolph, a nephew of Robert the Bruce, was pursuing a member of the Clan Cumming who, fleeing Randolph, leaped the narrow, rocky gap to escape back to the safety of his castle..

Legend or not, it's one of many beautiful locations along the bankks of the River Findhorn.

I have a selection of all images on this page for sale on my Online Sales Page...

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Sunlit Beech woodland

The River Findhorn through sunlit Sweet Chestnut leaves

Autumn colours along the banks of the River Findhorn

Backlit Beech trees

Beech trees and autumn colours by the River Findhorn

Golden beech leaves

Beechwood pathway

Scots pine

October 2005

Scots pine - one of the UK's native tree species and iconic in its own right. With specimens ranging from diverse and broadleaf type form to stands of valuable timber, the Scots pine is well represented in Scottish forestry at all levels.

A well spaced stand of pine here in Moray, captured in the long shadows of Autumn light, on a crisp, sunlit afternoon.

Scots pine

Scots pine

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