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Scotland360° Media Sequences

With the advent of POV, waterproof cameras and the increases on video resolution, the outdoors can now come to life from new and exciting perspectives.

Mounting a waterproof camera on the deck of my sea kayak has been a great way to capture some unique moments whilst footage from drones provides great aerial perspectives.

Join me in some of the fun and the action on Mull, St Kilda, Skye and the west coast of Scotland.

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Sea, sand, surf, steps, and shadows.

A short aerial video from Findhorn beach.

Scotland360° Aerial Photography

An aerial perspective of Findhorn beach..

Short clips from the 2018 Scotland360° and Skyak Adventures Sea Kayaking Photography Course

Aerial photography and rolling a sea kayak in slo - mo.

Scotland360° and Skyak Adventures

During the three day course on Skye, we explored photography from a sea kayaking perspective at the Skyak Adventures base at Broadford, at Tarskavaig on the Sleat Peninsula and at Armadale Bay.

360° Sea kayaking video sequences - April 2018

Pan around the video and enjoy the 360 video panoramic experience. Best viewed in Full Screen and High Quality Setting

An Easter paddle across Loch Sunart and into Loch Teacuis

An experimental 360 video of a great paddle into Loch Teacuis, on the Morvern Peninsula, from Camas Fearna on the side of Loch Sunart. Set to the music of Slainte, enjoy panning and zooming around the video. Enjoy the timing adjustments within the video too...!!

360° Video Sequences on Mull and Iona - July 2017

Pan around the video and enjoy the 360 video panoramic experience. Best viewed in Full Screen and High Quality Settings

A short sea kayak journey from Fidden Farm on Mull, across to Iona

As part of the 360 photography courses I have been running for Highlands and Islands Enterprise, I have also been testing some of the latest models of 360 cameras. The initial output from the recently released Garmin Virb360 is posted below with a short video showing our paddle across to Iona.

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St Kilda Video Sequences from a Sea Kayaking Expedition in July 2014

A series of short videos with some of the highlights of this amazing experience. Best viewed in Full Screen and High Quality Settings

On board the MV Cuma on the Voyage out to St Kilda

The short video compilation is about a voyage out to the St Kilda archipelago on board the MV Cuma. This was the the start of a sea kayaking expedition around the archipelago with Skyak Adventures. Situated some 40 miles west of the Outer Hebrides, St Kilda is a place of superlatives. Heading into a Force 6 wind on our way out, the Cuma took it all in her stride as you will see.

Exploring Village Bay in St Kilda

Having just arrived in the sheltered waters of Village Bay St Kilda, following a voyage out in a Force 6, it was time to go paddling...!

We wasted no time in launching the sea kayaks from the Cuma and setting out for an explore of the coastline of Village Bay.

St Kilda has caves everywhere and even in Village Bay, there are great caves and passageways to explore.

And then there was a splash....

A mis-timed approach in my sea kayak through the Dun tunnel on St Kilda left me temporarily upside down. A textbook rescue by Gordon Brown of Skyak Adventures soon sorted me out.

Sea kayaking through the Tunnel on St Kilda

"The Tunnel" or Geodha na h-Airde marks the entrance to Glen Bay on the north side of Hirta, the main island on St Kilda. A short clip, paddling through the Tunnel into Glen Bay.

The Blowhole at the island of Boreray

The blowhole on the island of Boreray. Watch Ali's hat being knocked off by the jet of water!

The excitment of the Boreray Caves

The sheer scale of the caves on the island of Boreray. Kayaking into one of the caves, the scale of this amazing place became clearer to us. Huge caves with rough water a great deal of noise and the entrance to the cave framing iconic views of the sea stacs.

Playing in the waves off the Isle of Soay

Playing in the refracted waves and the Atlantic swell just off the Isle of Soay.

Kayaking into one of the deep caves on Soay

One of the deepest caves on the Island of Soay, part of the St Kilda archipelago. With no room to turn inside the cave, reversing the kayak to the back was was the only option.

Listen out for the singing!

Kayaking the narrow gap at Soay

There was one last challenge however before leaving Soay and heading back towards the Cuma. As you will see, this one very much relied on getting the timing right....!

Isle of Skye - July 2013

Sea Kayaking - Rock Arches and Waterfalls near Neist Point

Exploring the coast of Skye on a journey from Loch Pooltiel to Loch Bracadale, around Neist Point. With stunning weather, the tide running with us and enough water to explore a number of the caves, this was a great journey along the coast of Skye