Sunset over the Dornoch Firth

Scotland360° Panoramic Photography

Scotland360° - it's all in the name... I launched the original Scotland360° website in 2004 to display my outdoor, landscape and panoramic photography across the 360 degrees of the compass. 2004 was also when I made the switch across from film to digital photography. My panoramic photography was in its early stages at that time but looking back at old transparencies, I can trace it even further back to Spring 1982.

Pentland Hills and Edinburgh

A panoramic view on to Edinburgh from White Hill - Spring 1982

Pentland Hills and Edinburgh

White Hill in the Pentland Hills, Edinburgh - Spring 1982

Taken in the Pentland hills and looking across Edinburgh, each of these panoramas has been stitched, cropped and filled using techniques that were simply not possible back in 1982. To put this in context, Adobe Photoshop was still six years away from being created.

Mountain Panoramas

2004 saw the production of an early mountain panorama from the summit of Beinn Tarsuinn, looking across the Fisherfield mountains towards An Teallach.

Fisherfield Mountains panorama

Hand held and taken in landscape format, this wide angle panorama was stitched together using an early version of Photoshop (I think). There was a lot to learn going forward with panoramic photography, both for capturing photography and also for processing the results.

Mountain Photography Panoramas

A'Chailleach Mountain Panorama

The photograph above is a 360°, annotated view from the summit of A'Chailleach in the Fannichs.

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Mountain light is very well suited to mountain panoramic photography, which features in most of my mountain blog posts.

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Beinn Dearg and An Teallach - Evening Light

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St Kilda Panoramas

My passion for landscape photography is capturing big scale landscapes and wide, sweeping views. I tend to use wide angle lenses as my preference and, using a combination of a wide angle lens and panoramic photography, it's often possible to capture the scale and the extents of the landscape.

Hirta and the view from the Oiseval Gap

I have been fortunate to explore St Kilda many times since my first visit there in 1980. In 2014, I enjoyed a superb sea kayaking adventure on board the MV Cuma, led by Gordon Brown, the sea kayaking coach. The panorama below is captured from Oisebhal and looks over the sheep fanks and across Village Bay to the island of Dun.

Village Bay and the island of Dun from a sea kayak

However, panoramic photography isn't just about land based photography. In the right conditions, panoramic photography from boats or sea kayaks is extremely rewarding. The photograph above was captured in Village Bay at St Kilda on the same sea kayking trip in 2014. Left to right, the panorama take in the island of Dun, the Dun Gap and the main island of Hirta rising up to the summit of Ruabhal.

Shetland Panoramas

Wide angle panoramas can take account of sweeping vistas where conventional photographs would be unable to capture the expanse of the landscape.

The view from North Ness on Papa Stoer, Shetland

Another sea kayaking adventure and this time to Shetland. With a week of glorious weather and calm seas, we were able to enjoy much of the Shetland coastline, including a two day trip around the island of Papa Stoer.

The view here is from the top of the small hill of North Ness, just above the campsite with a terrific view over Papa Stour, mainland Shetland and out towards Foula. The lighthouse on the Ve skerries, some 9km away was visible and can be seen to the right of the panorama.

Mousa Broch from a sea kayak

And again, in Shetland, an example of a sea kayaking panorama captured on a paddle across to Mousa Island to visit Mousa Broch. Situated on the Island of Mousa, the broch is the best preserved example of it's kind in Scotland. Originally constructed around 300BC, it also has the distinction of being the tallest of the Scottish brochs. Mousa broch is seen here on the short paddle across the Mousa Sound from the Shetland mainland.

Aerial Panoramas

By way of comparison, the image below is a fully interactive 360 aerial panorama looking across to the island of Scalpay from Harris. The view in your browser window will provide an "eye in the sky" virtual experience. This can be further enhanced by viewing this panorama in a Virtual Reality headset to experience a true "in flight" view!

Isle of Scalpay Aerial panorama

Scalpay in 360°from the air

The island of Scalpay, near to Tarbert in Harris. The bridge connecting Scalpay was completed in 1997 and forms a vital link to Harris. Looking across the bridge and out into the Minch, with Skye in the far distance - how much detail can you see as you look around the view?